Visiting Florida? Here Are 4 Places You Should Visit

If you are visiting Florida anytime soon, you should start making a list of the places you need to visit during your stay there. The Sunshine State is such an interesting and lively place that you might have a difficult time choosing where to go, especially if you are visiting for a few days only. To make things a little easier, you need to come up with a list of the places you want to check out as early as a month before your trip. Here are three good suggestions you should consider.

  1. Key West

This island city is where a lot of passenger cruise ships make their stop. These ships visit Key West on a weekly basis, which means tourists pour into the city regularly. Some of the more popular cruise ships that dock in Key West are the Majesty of the Seas and the Royal Caribbean. Additionally, Key West is also where you will find the house of literary greats Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. It is also where the Winter White House is found. You’ll also love Old Town Key West, where you’ll enjoy a walking tour around the nostalgic town.

  1. Miami

Miami is perhaps the most popular city of Florida. Like Key West, several cruise ships also make their stop in its port. But the main attractions of Miami are its beaches and lively nightlife. The long stretch of sunny beaches draws thousands of people every day the whole year through. There are beaches of all kinds in Miami – family-friendly beaches, public beaches, and even party beaches. The nightlife, on the other hand, is always alive and colorful, especially since Miami is populated by people from different ethnic cultures.

  1. Orlando

If you have kids, or if you want to unleash the child in you, Orlando should be number one on your list. This city is where you will find the best theme parks in the world. You’ll have a grand time enjoying the attractions at Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, the Epcot Center, and Universal Studios, among others. Orlando is also safe from hurricanes, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy your vacation any time of the year.