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In keeping up with its promise to provide valuable information about Florida, Florida Archives encourages its guests and online community members to contribute original posts. These can be special features about Florida, travel and adventure stories, or tips based on actual experiences. As long as the content features Florida-related information, we will consider it.

These contributions allow us to offer additional opportunities for learning, especially if the contribution is from a Florida resident or a frequent Florida visitor. Likewise, these contributions signify our intention to connect with as many people as possible, particularly those who share our love for Florida.

We welcome your contributions, but please take note of some reminders before sending in your content.


Florida Archives values its guests and community members. This is why we try our best to come up with interesting original content. As such, if you contribute to our site, we expect you to do the same. Please submit only your original works. Copy-pasted articles or content will not be accepted. We have someone assigned to check content authenticity, so make sure you are not merely copy-pasting something that you read online or from a book. Likewise, your content should not have been published anywhere online yet.

Here are the other reminders you need to take note of:

  1. All submissions should be relevant or related to Florida: travel and adventure, tourist spots, local personalities, moving to Florida, and similar topics.
  2. Content format: title, headers, sub-headers, and bullet points. The total number of words should be not less than 500. If quoting someone or something, please state source/s.
  3. Please DO NOT use copyrighted media (photos, videos, audio, and other similar content). Use one only when you have permission from the owner, and be sure to give credit to him or her properly.
  4. Please include an “About Me” section when you submit your content. Include a clear photo of yourself in jpeg file.
  5. Once your contribution is posted, please share a link of the page on all your social media pages.